Viaflow News

Innovative hands on approach to fluid technology

13 September 2009

As the water industry continues to evolve we are faced with new directions and innovations to meet the changing market conditions.  To meet these changes head on, Viaflow, a New Zealand owned and operated business, has been launched.

Viaflow is a clear demonstration of our commitment in providing innovative engineering solutions to the water industry in New Zealand.  The business, which is part of Skellerup Containment, has a fresh approach to providing products, solutions and services primarily for potable, waste and storm water applications.

“We have an innovative hands on engineering approach to providing efficient and effective solutions for the water industry.  Our expertise and advice ensures that the appropriate fluid technology solution is designed and supplied to meet the unique requirements of each water management project,” said Roger Sankey, Viaflow’s business unit manager.

Viaflow is proud to be the exclusive New Zealand distributor of the world’s leading pump and environmental engineering manufacturers:

  • Seepex – Progressive cavity pumps, ideal for handling aggressive and abrasive material with variable viscosities
  • Zoeller – Submersible pumping products and systems for a diverse range of commercial industrial and municipal applications
  • Sonic Solutions – Chemical free, ultrasound algae control with proven performance in tanks, lakes, reservoirs and wastewater treatment plants
  • Environmental Equipment Engineering – A full range of aerators from award winning manufactures with a reputation for innovation and cost effect, high performance equipment.

The waste water treatment industry has developed into one of the most important areas with complex mechanical, biological and cleaning processes. seepex progressive cavity pumps and macerators are used in almost all processes, from conveying sludge, sludge dewatering, dewatered sludge treatment and progressive cavity pumps to convey and meter chemical auxiliary aids.

seepex pumps have been applied across a number of different industries where they face the challenge of dealing with waste water treatment. Of paramount importance is our ability to effectively manage industrial and human waste so that it does not impact on the ongoing sustainability of our environment. “We have worked on number of projects, such as the Mangere Wastewater treatment plant where a range of seepex progressive cavity  pumps have been supplied and installed on such processes as Thickened Blended Sludge, Thickened Waste Activated Sludge, Digester Feed Sludge, Primary Sedimentation Tank, Gravity Belt Thickener and polymer dosing. They have assisted with efficiently and effectively managing the wastewater,” said Sankey.

“This together, with numerous other installations for customers such as Silverfern Farms, EBOP, Whangarei and Hamilton District Councils, highlights our technical expertise in providing innovative environmental engineering solutions, to assist with the ongoing sustainability of our environment.”

To ensure that Viaflow has a range of innovative pump and engineering solutions to meet the demands of waste water treatment and fluid management, it has recently secured the exclusive agency, in New Zealand and Australia, for Zoeller pumps and pumping systems. Zoeller, who have been manufacturing pumps since 1939, offer over 50 different product lines which can be applied across a diverse range of commercial, industrial, municipal and domestic applications. 

“Zoeller has been a major player in the American fluid management industry leading the way in the design and installation of submersible centrifugal pumps. This expertise and experience is now available in New Zealand, enabling engineers to benefit from proven designs and established installations” said Sankey.

Keeping up with fluid technology Viaflow has taken on the exclusive agency for Sonic Solutions which offers a chemical free way of treating Algae in standing water. The system uses ultra-sonic waves that disrupt the DNA of the algae rendering it sterile, while harmless to plant and marine life.  Applications range from ponds, lakes and golf courses. 

Viaflow also represents Environmental Engineering Equipment who been manufacturing and supplying surface aerators and mixers for 25 years. Their constant attention to R&D has produced aerators with pumping flow rates 30% higher than the flow rates published by other aerator manufacturers. In one recent comparison, a 20 hp EEE aerator delivered 15,365 gallons per minute while a competitor's 20 hp unit pumped a mere 8,321.  This is proof that EEE units are highly efficient and that means ultimate savings in operational costs.

Viaflow’s business unit manager, Roger Sankey, has 20 years experience in the fluid technology industry.  “I have been fortunate enough to work on numerous projects with senior consultant engineers throughout New Zealand,” said Sankey “We are presently looking for opportunities to work with re-sellers and agents to actively promote our exclusive products and solutions in New Zealand.”