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Innovative and efficient pump maintenance

26 September 2009

In a market where millions of cubic metres of water are pumped, improvements in technology can create enormous benefits and cost savings for your maintenance processes. To assist customers with progressive cavity pump maintenance Viaflow has extended its seepex product range to include their new Smart Stator Technology.
Efficiency and reduction in maintenance time is extremely important for companies in terms of investment and their calculation of life cycle costs. Pump maintenance could involve either changing the stators or rotors due to wear and tear (after many thousands of hours of work) or to remove foreign materials. Smart Stator Technology was developed for quick and easy removal of the stator and removal of any blockages without the need to disconnect the discharge pipe.

“Smart Stator Technology” has divided the stator into two parts. By removing worn stator halves and replacing them there is not need to disconnect any joining pipe work, enabling the transfer of parts to be more efficient.

“seepex progressive cavity pumps with Smart Stator Technology no longer have to be removed from the installation for maintenance”, says Roger Sankey, Viaflow’s Business Unit Manager. “The time consuming work involved in dismantling, assembly of piping and the removal of other equipment components are eliminated as a consequence”

As a result, maintenance times are reduced to an unprecedented minimum. The speed at which remedial work happens is astonishing and can save up to 80% of the usual assembly time, depending on the size of the pump.

SST has been thoroughly tested over thousands of hours on many sites on varied applications and has surpassed all expectations. seepex in house test facilities have tested SST at significantly higher speeds and pressure than would ever be seen on site and again the technology has proven to be a truly remarkable development.

The advantages of seepex Smart Stator Technology include:

  • Ease of Servicing – the stator can be changed without the need to dismantle the discharge pipe. No special tools are required to service the SST and manual handling is made easier with less component weight
  • Significant cost savings are achieved over the life of the pump due to lower maintenance costs (up to 80% reduction dependant upon pump size) and cost saving spare part prices in comparison to conventional stators Eco-friendly with only rubber halves being replaced when worn
  • Less maintenance area is required for stator dismantling

Viaflow offers the Smart Stator Technology as part of the seepex N product range. It is available for new pumps and also as a retrofit for existing pumps. “More than 80% of applications are suitable for SST. We are able to customise the features to meet your pump processing and maintenance requirements” says Roger Sankey “To discuss the Smart Stator Technology and how it can assist with your maintenance cost savings please contact me on 0275 275 214”.

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