EEE Aerators and Mixers

Viaflow are the exclusive New Zealand distributors for Environmental Equipment Engineering Inc (EEE), who been manufacturing and supplying surface aerators and mixers for 25 years aerators.

EEE manufacturers a full range of aerators and mixers including Floating Aerators, Floating Mixers, Submersible Motor Aerators, Dual Speed and Stainless Steel Models.
Due to its unique fibreglass construction the EEE Aerator boasts the smoothest curved intake, volute and discharge passage of any aerator on the market, the less efficient design of other aerators retards both water flow and oxygenation.
Their constant attention to R&D has produced EEE Aerators with a pumping flow rate 30% above those published by other manufacturers. A recent comparative test of 20 hp units showed the EEE Aerator to have over a 50% higher flow rate than that of the competition. This is proof that EEE units are highly efficient and that means ultimate savings in operational costs.

The effectiveness of EEE’s computer aided design extends to the diffuser, which is not only heavier but also larger in diameter than similarly designed aerators - eliminating spray-back that could freeze up and corrode the motor as in the case with most other aerators.

They key features and benefits of the EEE Aerators and Mixers are:
• Durable construction
• Energy efficient
• Superior performance
• Higher water turnover
• Diffusers designed to eliminate spray back
• 10 Year Warranty on non-moving parts

EEE Aerators and Mixers are suitable across a wide range of applications such as:
• Municipal Water Treatment
• Industrial Wastewater Treatment
• Dairy and Cheese Industry
• Fruit and Vegetable Industry
• Fish Farming
• Pulp and Paper
• Wineries

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